Jagan Teki

Jagan Teki

Jagan Teki is a Free Software Engineer and currently working for
Amarula Solutions, for handling opensource related projects. His most of the work involves in Linux Kernel, U-Boot, Buildroot and Yocto for code contribution along with key subsystems maintenance.

He is Upstream Maintainer for Allwinner sunXi SoC, SPI, SPI-NOR
subsystems in U-Boot. Apart from this he got nearly 10 years of
experience in embedded Linux, device driver and Linux kernel.

He presented U-Boot Verified RSA Boot Flow on ARM at ELCE 2013
Edinburgh, and presented U-boot Multi image booting scenarios at
Opensource India 2013, Bangalore.




U-Boot from Scratch

The U-Boot project has evolved in the time span of over 17 years and so as its complexity and its uses. This has made it a daunting task in getting started with its development and uses. This talk will address all these issues and share development efforts created by the U-Boot community.

In this talk Jagan Teki(Maintainer for Allwinner SoC, SPI, SPI FLASH Subsystems) will introduce U-Boot from scratch with a brief overview of U-Boot history, U-Boot Proper, SPL, TPL, Build process and Startup sequence. He will talk about other preliminaries such as Image booting, Falcon Mode, Secure Boot and U-Boot features like device tree, device overlays, driver model and DFU, etc.

Once giving enough introduction, he will also talk about steps to port U-Boot to new hardware with a demo, along with U-Boot testing process. Finally, he will address and review ongoing development work, issues and future development regarding U-Boot.

About the company:

We recently opened Amarula Solutions, India office.

Here, we offer solutions around open source software. Our key
operating areas are Embedded Linux, Boot Firmware, Mainline, Open source Multimedia, IoT/Android Solutions etc.

Whether you have multimedia or web technologies needs, we have unique knowledge in key Open Source projects such as U-Boot, Linux, Buildroot, Yocto, Android, IoT, Qt5, G-Streamer.

If Amarula Solutions can help your business and of your project at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Amarula India look forward to hearing from you.