Buzzing Smart Devices : Smart Watch hacking


With the recent advancement in connected/smart device and availability of ready-made framework for both hardware and software development. Companies want to get into the IoT market rapidly. It is necessary to look at the security feature of these smart devices as our digital lives are connected to these devices.

Bluetooth has been around for almost a decade and with the need for low power wireless network and interoperability. Bluetooth has been used in a vast majority of the device because of its small power footprint and interoperability as most of our smartphones have Bluetooth.

In this workshop, we will be learning on how to fuzz the Bluetooth LE functionality of smart devices and exploit it. In this version of training, we will work on reversing a Bluetooth LE-based smartwatch/band. In the process, we will learn about how the Bluetooth low energy protocol works and various tools involved in reversing a smart band. We will also introduce a Bluetooth fuzzing framework called as Bluzz and use it to crash or find other information in the smart band.

By the end of the class, we will also touch base on the hardware level exploits that is possible with the smart band and some demos on the same.