An update on Dynamic Tables (a framework to automate generation of ACPI & SMBIOS tables).


Dynamic Tables Framework is a solution to automate and simplify the generation of firmware tables (ACPI & SMBIOS) based on platform hardware description. The goal is to ensure that firmware tables are compliant with relevant specifications. The framework is flexible enough to allow generation of custom OEM-specific tables as well as runtime re-configuration of hardware information described by the firmware tables.
This framework has now been integrated into the Tianocore-edk2 project. This presentation provides an update on the new features that have been added and a summary of the features currently in development. This talk will also cover some interesting use cases where this framework could potentially be used.
The presentation will also discuss new features added to the Acpiview tool. Acpiview allows inspection of ACPI tables from the UEFI shell and can be useful for diagnosing OS boot issues.