Server Base Manageability Guide for SBSA compliant Arm (aarch64) servers.


This presentation guides the Arm Server System designers towards the common foundation for Server Management. Common manageability capabilities are standardized while allowing scope for value add customization. Server Base Manageability Guide for SBSA Compliant Arm (AARCH64) Servers leverages industry standard system management specifications including but not limited to Redfish, Platform Level Data Model (PLDM), Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) as defined by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), Hardware Management Specifications and designs as defined by Open Compute Group (OCP). This presentation will further introduce the audience to manageability capabilities in SBSA Compliant Arm (AARCH64) servers including but not limited to Remote Debug, Reliability, Availability, Serviceability features (RAS), platform monitoring, control and provide status update on Arm Server Base Manageability Guide specification.
Reference implementation will make use of open source projects including but not limited to OpenBMC, Trusted Firmware, U-Boot, UEFI (Tianocore).