TrenchBoot DRTM features for AMD platforms

Main Stage,

TrenchBoot is a young open source project aiming at security and integrity of
the boot process leveraging advanced silicon security features, like Intel
Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) and AMD Secure Startup. It integrates with
open source projects like GRUB2 and Linux to perform a measured launch of the
operating system software, also called Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement.
The presentation will describe the progress of the project, what new features
has been added and what we managed to achieve so far.

In particular 3mdeb has been developing support for the AMD Secure Startup.
Since last year we managed to push the project even further thanks to the
founding from NLnet Foundation, NGI Zero PET grant. The most key changes
introduced into the project are the DRTM event log and the possibility to boot
Xen Hypervisor with measured launch. If you want to hear more what is on our
roadmap and what problems we are still trying to solve, this presentation is
for you.