coreboot/LinuxBoot Development on OCP Server Delta Lake

Main Stage,

In this talk, I will talk about coreboot/LinuxBoot development progress on OCP Delta Lake,
which is a single-socket compute server based on the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor Cooper Lake. This is a joint effort between Wiwynn, Facebook, Intel and 9elements. The OCP Open System Firmware project is an initiative with the goal to move the control of firmware to the system owner. It allows the system firmware (also known as BIOS) to be modified and shared openly. Starting from March 2021, “OCP Accepted” badge for servers requires that server systems support OSF and can pass the OSF checklist. Delta Lake is the first server product that achieves this milestone. I will present the development progress, how to download and build the firmware image, and the OCP OSF checklist. Our firmware configuration method is also presented. And finally, I will share the benefits of employing an open source firmware solution for our customers.