Fiedka the Firmware Editor

Main Stage,

Advancing from CLIs to GUIs

This talk presents the birth of Fiedka out of utk-web, a proof of concept
image exploration tool that runs on web platforms using WebAssembly.

Leveraging Fiano's utk, Fiedka supports
firmware developers and analysts through quick navigation and ideas from the web
development world, organizing the many different views on the same image in a
concise manner. For example, when looking at a typical AMD platform OEM image,
there are UEFI and PSP parts. Walking through the challenges of building a
suitable graphical interface with a great experience and dealing with specifics,
the talk concludes with where Fiedka is at right now and what the next milestones
will be, what users can do and try out already, and how to contribute on the
various layers of back-end and front-end work as well as conceptual ideas and
feature requests.