Open Source Firmware on modern Intel based laptops

Main Stage,

coreboot has support for many recent Intel platforms, largely thanks to Google's
commitment to open source firmware in their Chromebook line of laptops. However,
despite the fact that the chips themselves are well supported, getting coreboot
to run on other recent Intel based laptops can be more challenging than one might

We will present the current state of support for the latest Intel platforms in
coreboot and what it takes to get coreboot running on a recent Intel based
laptop. We'll then discuss some of the largest obstacles we encountered while
developing a coreboot port for one of our clients' laptops, including Windows
compatibility, power management and dealing with proprietary embedded controller

We will also discuss other components needed to replace proprietary firmware
completely, as well as reasons why one might want to have coreboot power their
newest laptop in the first place, considering the current blob situation.