Michał Żygowski

Michał Żygowski

Michał Żygowski is a versatile engineer with a strong focus on system firmware. Works as a firmware engineer at 3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting . Active contributor of coreboot and other open-source projects. Core coreboot developer, maintainer of Braswell SoC, PC Engines, Protectli and Libretrend platforms. Loves travelling and attending conferences, which actively speaks on. Mainly interested in the firmware, security and advanced hardware features.

Challenges of enabling modern Intel desktop platform in coreboot

Thanks to Google Chromebooks, open-source firmware support in coreboot for
mobile devices is very well established. It allowed the successful enabling of
modern laptops for a variety of devices. A good example is an arsenal of Clevo
boards ported and used by many vendors and OEMs like Novacustom, TUXEDO,
System76. However, the desktop/workstation segment has been very much
neglected, leaving no other choice but to go with a few years old boards like
Coffee Lake Supermicro servers or Kaby Lake ASUS desktop. But the situation
dramatically changed when MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WIFI Alder Lake S board has been
ported to coreboot.

The presentation will explain the challenges met during the development of
Alder Lake S silicon and board support. It will also reveal certain
misconfigurations in coreboot and Intel FSP bugs found. The presenters will
also disclose future plans for firmware development. The project is a
game-changer for the gaming/performance hardware enthusiasts, given how much
interest it generated, which should benefit the coreboot project.

SPI Security

Workshop about SPI Security by 3mdeb.