Challenges of enabling modern Intel desktop platform in coreboot

Main Room,

Thanks to Google Chromebooks, open-source firmware support in coreboot for
mobile devices is very well established. It allowed the successful enabling of
modern laptops for a variety of devices. A good example is an arsenal of Clevo
boards ported and used by many vendors and OEMs like Novacustom, TUXEDO,
System76. However, the desktop/workstation segment has been very much
neglected, leaving no other choice but to go with a few years old boards like
Coffee Lake Supermicro servers or Kaby Lake ASUS desktop. But the situation
dramatically changed when MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WIFI Alder Lake S board has been
ported to coreboot.

The presentation will explain the challenges met during the development of
Alder Lake S silicon and board support. It will also reveal certain
misconfigurations in coreboot and Intel FSP bugs found. The presenters will
also disclose future plans for firmware development. The project is a
game-changer for the gaming/performance hardware enthusiasts, given how much
interest it generated, which should benefit the coreboot project.