AMD's Long-Term Strategy for Open Source Firmware: From Concept to Implementation

Main Room,

AMD has an enduring commitment to advance the state of the art through contributions to open-source firmware and software. As such, this presentation aims to provide an in-depth look at AMD's long-term open source firmware strategy, focusing on the evolution of the AMD openSIL project, a high level overview of validation and quality assurance processes, and the expansion of AMD’s presence in Tianocore.

We will discuss: the addition of AMD openSIL features in the AMD EPYC™ Genoa and Turin POC and early POR project phases; the effort of validating and upstreaming AMD openSIL and its supporting Host FW; and how this fits into AMD's overall strategy for releasing firmware in the future.

By providing insight into AMD’s long-term commitment and plans for open source firmware, we aim to foster understanding and collaboration within the open source firmware community.