Isaac Oram

Isaac Oram

Isaac Oram is a firmware engineer with more than 20 years of experience with Intel Architecture firmware and product development. Isaac's focus is on developing and enabling the firmware solutions that facilitate a wide range of embedded, mobile device, client, and server products based on Intel platforms.

Intel Open Platform Enabling Plans

This slide based session provides an overview of Intel’s open source firmware support for upcoming hardware platforms for TianoCore, LinuxBoot, and the OCP Open Source Firmware work stream.

The primary topics are:

OCP Firmware Logo Support - Plans for providing product code and binaries available to meet open development requirements.

Enabling multi-socket servers using Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP), including FSP specification and silicon feature support.

Minimum Platform Support – providing open Intel reference board code for use with TianoCore, LinuxBoot, and coreboot.

The session will demonstrate Intel's support for the open firmware community and that that we are on track to make the required Intel collateral available.

This also builds on the discussion of MinPlatform and FSP from Michael Kubacki and Nate Desimone. That is not a necessary prerequisite, but it helps.