Eventing through Redfish


The Redfish standard is a suite of specifications that deliver an industry standard protocol providing a RESTful interface for the management of servers.
Redfish also provides the ability to send messages outside the normal request
and response paradigm to clients. The service uses these messages, or events,
to asynchronously notify the client of a state change or error condition,
usually of a time critical nature.

Currently in the bmcweb(openbmc redfish implementation) doesn't have the
eventing support. This talk will describe the effort for building the eventing support in bmcweb.

Two styles of eventing are currently defined by the redfish -

  1. push style eventing
  2. Server-Sent Events (SSE).

The purpose of the topic is to talk about which approach should be targeted first.
Discuss Merit and demerit of both approach. Security implication of one over other.
How to send the log entry/metric report/normal events through the above listing eventing mechanism?