Timothy Wawrzynczak

Tim has nearly 15 years experience in firmware, including: automated welding machines, adding WiFi to Things, wireless consumer electronics, automated liquid chromotography, safety-critical systems, 3-phase power monitoring & voltage sag correction, robotics & machine vision, and now works on firmware for Chrome OS devices.

coreboot Thermal Management on Intel based systems

In today's smart computing platforms, a thermal management solution needs to be reliable and sustainable on various set of devices like 2-in-1s or tablets, client or edge and even on IOT devices. This presentation talks about the thermal management code flow in coreboot firmware for Intel SoC-based Chrome systems and the major thermal code clean, in which years of technical debt was cleaned up. In addition, coreboot introduced a new DPTF driver which replaces the static ASL policy files and generates SSDT-based thermal policy table at runtime. This eases the enablement and tuning processes for thermal policies to ensure the best end-user experience on the system.