Expanding the LVFS Ecosystem

Main Stage,

Over the last year we've grown the LVFS ecosystem over 100%. Recently we hit 2 million firmware downloads per month for the first time. There are now over 3000 firmware files available on the LVFS, with over 100 vendors using 50 different protocols. We're clearly winning.

I wanted a chance to talk about the latest things that you can do on the LVFS and with fwupd.

  • We have more vendors using HSI for real use cases
  • We now have a complete Redfish implementation working with tier-1 OEM hardware.
  • Signed LVFS firmware reports for hardware certification.
  • Scanning EFI binaries on upload for common security problems.
  • Soft requirements in the form of recommends and requires.
  • A global progressbar, to be used for instance in something like ChromeOS.
  • Bidirectional support for VINCE, allowing us to work effectively with CERT.
  • Mirroring to IPFS for firmware updates from behind less-than-great firewalls.
  • Adding support for CapsuleOnDisk and chainloading from grub, and more generally FreeBSD.

Time will be left for some questions and feedback.