MicroPython based interactive platform configuration for Coreboot

Main Stage,

MicroPython as a full Python compiler and runtime that runs on the bare-metal, presents very light weight use cases of executable scripts for microcontrollers and embedded devices today. It is useful and beneficiary because python script can be executed without having a fully running operating system such as Linux/Windows.

This presentation talks about some work done in enabling MicroPython in Coreboot with libpayload, and some potential future use case enabling that can comes with it. The platform that was used for this enabling activity is x86 QEMU.

Currently coreboot limits the update of certain FSP related boot parameters during compile time only. This limits developers/advanced user to make changes rapidly. Idea here is to have Micropython based UI which allows user to modify boot parameters without having to re-compile the code. Micropython can be run as alternative payload so it doesn't hinder current user experience but can provide useful tool to developers to tinker multiple parameters without re-compiling code multiple times.