u-bmc, the next gen BMC software stack born from the u-root ecosystem

Main Stage,

This talk will be about u-bmc, a proof of concept project born out of the idea of having u-root on the BMC side as well. I will talk about the basic structure of the software stack, the way u-root and gobusybox can assemble a complete userspace that lives in a single binary, the advantages it has over OpenBMC as well as the disadvantages. In addition concepts like IPMI will be compared to gRPC which is used by u-bmc. A very short part of the presentation will also be held about u-bmc's buildsystem called Taskfile as it fits will within the topic. The current state of development and a roadmap will also be presented. This includes possible directions this project can take and also shows the progress it made in the past and how it shifted from using U-Boot to using LinuxBoot and how it could be slimmed down further using other Open Source projects that focus on barematel boot logic of ARM SoCs.